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  • about, architecture,, bolger studio, design studio, revit, building information modelling, was established in 2015 on the back of extensive experience throughout Australia on a variety of projects including education (secondary and tertiary), infrastructure, mixed use, commercial and transportable accommodation. We had become increasingly frustrated with archaic systems and an unwillingness to adopt new technologies which are and will continue to shape our future. The only way to address this discontent was to create a company to our own exacting standards.


    We are a global multifaceted interdisciplinary design studio working in architecture, building information modelling, photography, furniture, graphic and web design. Our speciality lies in the ability to solve problems whose existence our clients may be unaware of.

  • about, architecture,, bolger studio, design studio, revit, building information modelling, is focussed on the design delivery of buildings and developments which draw from and compliment their surroundings. Our influences are drawn from architecture, art, photography, popular culture and travel. The priority is to address the requirements of the client within the budget and provide an effective solution. We promote an open culture which promotes continued learning.


    True to the ethos of the company, we do not have a fixed office space. This frees us from the overheads and demands which many design practices face, it ensures that all our projects are suited to our skill set.


    Our built environment must respond to it’s inhabitants; first and foremost to their needs then to their desires. Our experience has been extracted from eduction, practical experience and continued global travel. This has provided us with an understanding of history, local cultures and environmental factors which influence the design and ensure that the scheme is responsive to it’s environment. Each project is influenced by the unique ecology which surrounds it, this responsive design is in contravenence to the current mass produced architecture which inhabits out cities, towns and countryside.


    Our focus is not on being different; it is about being better. With tailored solutions, we produce designs which enhance our urban fabric. It is unacceptable to delegate understanding. We are a continually changing and growing studio which is an open platform for experimentation with ideas.

  • • question everything

    • practical continual learning, promote a knowledge driven culture where all people are equal; removal of hierarchical system

    • treat everything as visible

    • ability to work from anywhere; complete mobility

    • precision prioritised over speed

    • harness talents of individuals

    • by doing the small things correctly; the big things will follow; apply same principles

    • embrace new technologies

    • create an extension of life

    • flexible company structure to accommodate growth and shrinkage

    • respect individuality

    • embrace and harness local knowledge

    • freedom to travel; work from there; work from everywhere

    • if something is broken then immediate action is required to rectify it; you are only as strong as your weakest link

    • complete transparency

    • ½ studio; ½ lab

    • create many and create often

    • sensory activation

    • immersive technology

    • 2 minute task rule

    • do more than tick the boxes

    • do things because you want to not because you need to

    • set own precedents

    • allow everyone’s voice to be heard

    • remove unnecessary meetings

    • continually changing and growing

    • a place to experiment with ideas

  • Each design is approached in a methodical manner which ensures that carefully considered design elements minimise wastage. Where possible we utilise local materials which reduces the embodied energy of our projects.


    This approach needs to be from the top down, for this reason, we own no consumable office equipment, printing is discouraged and on a needs basis. We actively seek ways to improve our environmental performance.


    The world has always been a place where values from diverging times and places converge.

  • Our company structure and the manner in which it has been established allows us to work globally. This mobility enables us to relocate for specific projects [if the need arises]. Our preference is to use local staff for each project as their in depth knowledge of the area and it’s surroundings are another means of achieving a successfully delivered project which is responsive to both it’s environment and inhabitants.


    We have been early adopters of digital technology and see the mobile tablet as the future of the construction industry. There is an array of apps which are used both in house and on site, we foresee a huge shift to these systems over the next 5-10 years. The days of people being tethered to a fixed workstation are numbered.